Performing Arts Photography

Performing Arts Photography

E.Fudd circa 1971

This was my band E.Fudd from around 1971. I am second from the right wearing the striped jacket.

I really enjoy Performing Arts Photography! I love photographing performers; whether it’s musicians, dancers, actors or street performers. I guess that goes back to my youth as a rock-and-roll guitarist. The guy in the striped jacket is me when I played lead guitar in a heavy metal band called E.Fudd.  I loved the way the photographer here captured us! In fact, I also love black & white treatment for photos where appropriate.

Capturing the spirit of the artists is a joy for me. Of course, it often inspires me to pick up my guitar and play.

If you need a San Diego area photographer to photograph you or your organization while performing, or just for publicity shots, I would love to do it. Please contact us to setup a session.

If you would like to see some of my most recent work please visit my Facebook page.