Event Photography

Event Photography

Event Photography is one of the things we love to do most.  It is both fun and challenging. We also enjoy them because events are often a place for us to learn something new about an organization, a business, an industry, a union, a subject, politicians or political issues.

Here is a short list of some of the types of events we photograph:

• Conferences
• Political events
• Fundraisers
• Corporate events
• Conventions
• Seminars
• Concerts

The biggest challenge we face in photographing events is challenging lighting. If you are holding an event with speakers at a podium please try to have the speaker properly lit. And, if you have speakers that want to walk around in front of a digital projection please know that you will end up with some very interesting and colorful images of them.  We try to take most of our event photographs without using a flash, but if the lighting is horrible there is no way around it.

What can you expect when we photograph your event?


We like to get to the event early. We want to create a story, and that story begins before the crowds arrive when the event is being setup. We typically photograph the signs, brochures, volunteers, facility staff, food, flowers and anything else of interest when we arrive.

We take pictures of the empty rooms and take test shots at the podium with a color checker card so that we can get truer colors for the images we take. This also gives us an idea what sort of lighting situation we will have to deal with.

Before the event starts we take pictures of the arriving guests and the staff checking them in. We take pictures of the guests talking, relaxing, and grabbing a cup of coffee and a pastry.

For each of the speakers we take multiple close-ups, wide shots, shots from up high, shots from down low and any other interesting shots we see. We really like venues with balconies where we can get even more interesting shots. We also take photos of the audience members during the event to show the size of the crowd, plus the crowd reactions.

If there are breakout sessions we try to cover as many of them as possible, but if there are too many simultaneously we cannot guarantee that we will get to all of them.

Of course we take group pictures whenever they are required for awards and recognitions. For group shots of more than 20 people we would like advanced notice in the event that a ladder is needed for the photographer.

If you have an event in San Diego County, we would love to photograph it for you! Please contact us for a booking! We are based in Vista, CA; but we are happy to do event photography anywhere in the San Diego area.

If you or your business needs portraits we are happy to do that as well!

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