Portrait Photography


“And some folks loves ham hocks
And some folks loves pork chops
         And some folks love vegetable soup…”

Shel Silverstein.

And I love Portrait Photography!


The Silverstein lyrics remind me of photographers. Some of us really love doing architectural photography. Some of us love doing landscape photography. I really love to do portrait photography. Maybe it’s because I really enjoy interacting with people. Plus, I love to bring out the beauty and individuality of those that I photograph. Of course, my favorite models are actors, artists and musicians for portraiture. I guess I just love photographing people that have a great range of emotions and interesting looks to go along with them. And, when they bring along props I have even more fun – and so do they.

Let’s be honest here, I also love photographing kids, babies, nurses, politicians and even pets.

If you need or want a portrait or a headshot done, and don’t mind having some fun while we do it, I would love to photograph you either in my portrait photography studio in Vista, CA, or on location in the San Diego area. Please contact me and we can setup a session.

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P.S. If you are a starving artist who can’t afford to pay for a session, contact me anyway. I could use some interesting shots to add to my portfolio.